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If you are looking for a mod WhatsApp APK or a mod application of WhatsApp, let us tell you that you are now in the right spot because Apkmac has brought you a newly modified Whatsapp application called Tm WhatsApp APK. However, It will allow you to hide the blue tick after reading messages, seeing the deleted messages, hiding double ticks, and many more. So far, this app is the best option for those searching for a mod WhatsApp.

T and M before the Whatsapp APK stand for the starting letters of the developer. Therefore, “T” stands for Titus, and “M” stands for Mukisa. Titus Mukisa is the developer’s name and the owner of this application, so the choice is his, not ours.

Moreover, download TM Whatsapp APK for unlimited features, from changing themes and downloading status videos in a single click. Further, watching statuses without letting the person know you have watched the status.

What is TM WhatsApp APK in General?

In this section, we will try our best to give a complete idea about this Mod WhatsApp APK; therefore, stay seated and read this article to the end.

If you want to read received messages without bringing in the sender’s notice or if you want to hide delivered blue ticks, then this is your Modded Whatsapp application. For that reason, you need to download this app and visit the settings, and there you will find several features. Only allow your needed features, and you are good to go.

Furthermore, you can freeze your last seen time and check the anti-delete Messages in this mod WhatsApp so that you will read all deleted messages. You can read that message no matter when the sender has deleted the chat, photo, or video. If you are searching for a Whatsapp like this, then TM WhatsApp APK is your option.

Moreover, the feature list is quite long to discuss, we have decided to mention all the features one by one to give a general overview to our visitors.

Features of TM WhatsApp APK:

Read the following features, and we are sure you will download this amazing Mod WhatsApp.

Control Your Privacy

Privacy was a myth, but now it is a reality, for all you need is this amazing WhatsApp.

Hide Blue Ticks

Soon after reading a received message, the sender gets notified by two blue ticks that we all know. After reading a message, we sometimes regret reading it, but now the sender knows that we have read it and are bound to reply. Therefore in this WhatsApp, you can decide whether the blue tick is to be displayed.

Hide Second Tick:

The double tick appears after a message is delivered on a mobile, but TM WhatsApp can also hide the ticks.

Hide Blue Microphone:

Same as hiding a read message. You can listen to audio files without letting the sender know you have listened.

Hide Typing and Recording:

Soon after reading a message, if you by mistake click the keyboard, the other party gets notified that you are typing. The same goes for the recording, but our WhatsApp will also hide the “typing..” and “recording..”.

Most Demanded Features:

  • You can see your last seen after you allow the “Freez Last Seen” feature.
  • You can watch “view-once” messages unlimited times.
  • No one can delete a message after you receive it with the help of “Anti-Delete Messages.”
  • No one can forward a letter sent from you if you allow the feature “Disable forward.”

Other Features:

  • Create Unlimited Groups.
  • Add an unlimited number of people to the groups, more than 512 members.
  • You can now set an auto-reply message in this WhatsApp.
  • Share Video-statuses up to seven minutes.
  • Hide that you have viewed a status.
  • Anti-delete statuses.
  • Show Blue ticks after the reply.
  • Now you can delete Texts and calls even after three days.
  • Now you can schedule your replies: e.g., Birthday wishes or any occasional message you can set in advance.


In conclusion, on the ground of the above features, we can say that this is the best Mod WhatsApp APK to download. Therefore we can recommend our customers download TM WhatsApp APK, which is no doubt highly privacy-oriented WhatsApp.

Further, we suggest our visitors visit our “ApkMac” website for more amazing APKs. Lastly, with these words, we wish you a super good time ahead and take good care of your needs and peers!

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